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Wedge-Tail Pictures offers licensed, insured, quality drone footage, photography and modelling. We've provided video drone content for some of the world's biggest broadcasters including the BBC, Al Jazeera and the ABC, to smaller companies, NGOs, real estate clients and public institutions. We work with a range of big and small drones to get some of the best drone video and drone photography in Sydney, in stunning aerial detail. We're a CASA-certified, ReOC-holding drone operator – meaning we can operate drones legally where many can't, including at night – we also hold public liability drone insurance in Australia for claims of up to $20 million.

We operate both an Inspire 2 with a range of lenses and a Mavic Pro 2 drone to ensure the best drone video and drone photography for your project and budget. We work with qualified drone pilots in Sydney, and nationwide.

Hit us up for safe, beautiful drone video. 

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