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Dharawal language app videos launched

Last year Wedge-Tail had the pleasure with working alongside Sydney's Gujaga Foundation, based at the Aboriginal community of La Perouse on the shores of Kamay/Botany Bay. Gujaga has big plans around the regeneration of Dharawal language (a process underway for a decade or two already), the language spoken south of Sydney Harbour as far down as the Illawarra at the time of European arrival in Australia.

We produced a series of videos detailing specific vocabulary in Dharawal and brought the whole thing together in a short film fronted by Uncle Shayne Williams;

You can see the other shorter vocab videos here.

It was a real pleasure getting out there with filming the dancers in the fading light. The diverse Creamsource micro light helped keep that orange fireside glow on the faces for the C300 mark ii and the Sigma Art lenses (big fan right here - sharp images, fast speeds, blurry backgrounds on demand) worked a treat. Drone work was tightly controlled given the location but the Mavic 2 Pro got a quick run (Inspire 2 drone being a bit bulky for what was needed.)

Check out the video production, and give the language app a try. What's better than being able to converse in the native tongue of the land you're standing on (looking at you, Sydney!)?

Stay tuned for more creative video storytelling this year. We thank the Gujaga Foundation for the trust placed in us for this wonderful project, documenting a beautiful turning point in Sydney's history.

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