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Net zero video production - recruitment video for the NSW EV transport team!

We had the pleasure of attending an electric vehicle testing day recently, working on video production and drone work north of Sydney for the NSW government's EV transport team.

The NSW government is investing on a comparatively large scale - some might say not a moment too soon - on making sure people see the benefit of switching to EVs. Despite some damp weather, we were able to produce this video (and one more video to come) wit

h Clever Content, making the most of the Inspire 2 drone's two operator set-up; one person to fly the drone, one person to operate the Zenmuse camera and gimbal.

If you enjoy the video and the drone work drop us a line below, and if you think you're up for a job with the EV transport team, drop them a line!

We're finding recruitment video production is a great way to sell a good story at an organisation, and having now made recruitment videos for several organisations, we'd love to help your organisation do the same thing - so let us know if we can help

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