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Bushfire-accreditation for video production and guidance on drones

Very pleased to say that for the umpteenth (well, maybe tenth?) year in a row we have the Rural Fire Service's bushfire accreditation in place for the coming summer's video production around Sydney and the rest of the state.

Undergoing regular training from the media teams of the RFS is crucial for all journalists, camera operators, documentary makers and members of the media wielding video cameras come the summer months (and, unfortunately, the spring, autumn and possibly even winter months if the worst climate change predictions are correct.)

There are extremely strict drone regulations in place surrounding bushfires (if emergency services are in the area, drones are not permitted under CASA's regulations) so if a cowboy video producer / drone operator is offering drone footage from fire affected areas, treat with caution. Waterbombing aircraft and helicopters are not good bedmates for drone operators. We can provide further guidance on drone production in these conditions when required. Basically, the more time after the fire has passed through/the further from the fire front, the more likely a drone operation is an option. Again, treat with caution.

We're set up with the other required gear - approved fire suit, boots and goggles etc - to produce video

and broadcast television in the hostile conditions of a New South Wales fire season, so drop us a line to hello @ wedgetailpictures dot com for more info.

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