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Licensed drone video production on Sydney Harbour

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

We've been having fun with the drone on Sydney Harbour over recent weekly providing licensed and legal drone video production to the team at Sail Media, covering the 18-footers events with aerial footage.

The event goes out as a livestream each week (Using a Phantom4 drone with an HDMI output) and Wedge-Tail Pictures was called upon to get the complex approvals process underway with CASA. Shooting legal drone video on Sydney Harbour is a complex production given the helicopters, sea planes, sail masts and ferries, not to mention the tight landing spots for the drone on board a fast-moving boat, so it's been great to provide some expertise and get some great drone video production and aerial photos as well.

Filming with the drone in a fast-paced environment is also a challenge so the bumps and grinds are all part of the process, as the recorded livestream below shows. If you need approvals for legal, safe drone footage in Sydney or around the country, contact us to chat about your shoot today.

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