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Targeted video production for training and recruitment

In our work with disability services company Hireup, we've had the pleasure of working on a range of video production formats to best support their needs; communication and marketing, user updates, report dissemination and 'doco-style' storytelling videos.

Training videos are a staple in the video production world; when done well they can save a company time and money by succinctly wrapping up directives, raising awareness and providing updates to staff; it's something Wedge-Tail Pictures has been doing for years.

Late last year we stretched that concept; what if a video could be produced as a recruitment tool for medium and larger-scale companies? Take developers - IT workers. They're in hot demand in the work from home-driven economy, and finding the right team-member is becoming trickier for companies that need to compete as never before for the best talent.

In this recruitment video, we created an employment tool which the company was able to use to show off why Hireup is such a great place to work. The staff who featured in the recruitment video did not need to be trained in reeling off a script or blurting out the company mantra; it's all natural. With our journalistic background we're adept at working with everyday people to put them in a position of comfort and simply work on choosing the best lines to fit for each project. It's fast, affordable, and effective.

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