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Wedge-Tail Pictures goes into production on renting documentary series 'One-Year Lease'

We're delighted to say that a documentary series we have been bubbling away at since the new year has received its first significant piece of funding to go into development.

'One-Year Lease' is a funny and factual look at the renting crisis engulfing Australia, hosted by satirist Mark Humphries, known for his work at ABC 730 and SBS's The Feed.

The series will be directed and produced by Wedge-Tail's Bill Code, a former Al Jazeera and Guardian journalist, and co-produced by Melanie Garrick. Co-written by long-time Humphries collaborator Evan Williams, it will feature comedic 'break out' explainer sketches amidst the more traditional obs-doc treatment. One-Year Lease has received development funding from Create NSW to kick off properly after ticking along in pre-development since the new year.

We have approved support from champions of indie docs Documentary Australia Foundation - which means that all donations to help us get this thing alive and kicking and out into the world are eligible for DGR status. If you'd like to see a series with metal take on everything that is wrong with housing - with some solid filmmaking and a few laughs, please make a donation here - maybe even before the tax year is through!

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