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NSW Environment Minister Matt Keen zooms in to a socially-distanced conference, livestreamed to participants elsewhere.

There's no doubt that there's a buzz about livestreaming in the air.

COVID-19 has led to businesses, charities, schools and everyone else in between looking for ways to keep their events happening while keeping crowd sizes to a minimum. 2020 has seen the sector grow, with organisations experiencing the benefits of a quality live stream for themselves.

One of our favourite Sydney livestreams this past month was helping out the Blueprint Institute, a recently-created think tank, with the launch of its energy paper. The paper calls for net-zero carbon emissions in Australia and the launch featured NSW environment minister Matt Kean. We needed to livestream the conference via Zoom and implement some last minute changes - including projecting incoming calls and livestreaming them back to viewers at home. And the feedback from CEO Harry Guinness? "A godsend...I couldn't speak more highly of Wedge-Tail."

One, two or multiple camera shoots, Zoom, YouTube, Facebook or Dacast private livestreams, we can wow your participants at home with professional quality vision and sound, while keeping your event on track. Drop us a line for an affordable and efficient way of keeping in touch with your people!

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