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Ultrawide drone video in the wide brown land: 21:9 aspect ratio

When AMG - Australian Meats Group - said they wanted a video production to showcase their black Angus cattle on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River in southwestern NSW, we knew it was the perfect job for the Inspire 2 drone and its range of lenses. Capturing the open plains in stunning 4k vision means two things; a higher-res end product for the audience but also the ability to crop in on the image.

Along with the client, we chose to deliver in super widescreen - a 21:9 aspect ratio as opposed to the more regular 16:9 to in order to showcase the property and cattle with a more cinematic approach.

The video production shoot was deceptively quick; starting at dawn to use for the moment the cows were loaded onto the trucks - using the drone to get the best early light - it was all over by midday, using the Inspire 2, the versatile Mavic Pro 2 drone for a couple of shots, and the Canon c300 mark 2, all of which shoot in 4k and are video production staples.

A shot from the final film of the trucks leaving the property, vintage shearing sheds visible.

There was no script at all; with a background in TV news we know how to interview and get the most from subjects. Many video production teams can bring the latest video, drone and gimbal equipment to you, but storytelling ability is something different.

After the long, long drive back to Sydney, we drafted a working narrative and edited in house in a couple of days, matching the colour for the various cameras, and hey presto. Let us know what you think of the final video production in the comments below.

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