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Huge news this week which we couldn't be more proud of; the Lake of Scars has been officially selected to show at the Antenna Festival in Sydney in 2022. It's the only Australian film selected to compete this year.

‘“A deeply moving, evocative and beautiful insight into how a battle to preserve timeless Indigenous culture found hope in a remarkable act of black and white conciliation.”

- Paul Daley, author and Guardian journalist.

This film on environment, history, and allyship has been six years in the making and features a fantastic array of people; there's Dja Dja Wurrung elder Uncle Jack Charles telling the story, the passionate farmer and horticulturalist Paul Haw, Yung Balug elder Gary Wyrker Myrker Murray and daughter Ngarra Murray (both closely involved in production) and Jida Gulpilil, son of late and legendary actor David. Jida also produced a stirring score with acclaimed producer David Bridie.

Directed by Bill Code and produced by Bill and Christian Pazzaglia, the film will show twice in Sydney. Once on Sat 5th February at the Dendy in Newtown, and once on Sunday 13th February at the Palace Verona in Paddington.

We hope you enjoy the film!

In a corner of Australia exists a place of astounding natural beauty, archaeological significance, and age-old culture. But the Indigenous scarred trees and artefacts found here are at risk – until an unlikely intergenerational partnership comes forth to save the site for future generations. The Lake of Scars tells a story of allyship, environmentalism and cultural rebirth; a picture of what reconciliation between Aboriginal and European Australians might look like. But is that idea harder than it seems?

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Wedge-Tail Pictures is a small Sydney-based video production agency with experience making factual TV and news at the highest levels - BBC, Al Jazeera, The Guardian, SBS and elsewhere. We specialize in 'storytelling' comms work and digital content creation for companies and other organizations, and we pride ourselves on our environmentally-ethical storytelling work, being a member of One Per Cent For The Planet, driving hybrid cars etc.

We're seeking a salesperson looking for flexible work, with an understanding of marketing departments at organizations of all sizes. Companies understand the power of video, but many think, incorrectly, that they can't afford broadcast-quality video. That's where Wedge-Tail Pictures, with your help, comes in. If you think you can help us grow, please drop us a line - hello at wedgetailpictures dot com

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It's great to see more documentary/factual programming on the ABC, and it's great to have shot it, too! Earlier in 2021 I (Bill) worked with producers from the ABC Religion and Ethics team to shoot a number of short films on prominent Australians and their secrets for episode 1 of Just Between Us (the episode on 'Secrets' which aired last night), as well as episode two (the episode on Family - airing tonight). We used with a Canon c300 mark ii (4k video to crop in), creamsource lighting for the most part, and a trusty travelling Mavic Pro 2 drone.

Photos: Tamara Natt and an early morning shot from the Mavic drone near her Northern Rivers home.

Shooting with Julie Anthony and her daughter Tamara, Yumi Stynes, Stan Grant and Tracey Holmes and Josh Szeps and family – and getting some travel in between lockdowns – was a real pleasure. Hope you enjoy the videos - the programmes can be streamed here.

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