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Flexible work for an outbound salesperson

Wedge-Tail Pictures is a small Sydney-based video production agency with experience making factual TV and news at the highest levels - BBC, Al Jazeera, The Guardian, SBS and elsewhere. We specialize in 'storytelling' comms work and digital content creation for companies and other organizations, and we pride ourselves on our environmentally-ethical storytelling work, being a member of One Per Cent For The Planet, driving hybrid cars etc.

We're seeking a salesperson looking for flexible work, with an understanding of marketing departments at organizations of all sizes. Companies understand the power of video, but many think, incorrectly, that they can't afford broadcast-quality video. That's where Wedge-Tail Pictures, with your help, comes in. If you think you can help us grow, please drop us a line - hello at wedgetailpictures dot com

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