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Updated: Nov 3, 2020

We’ve certainly felt a post-lockdown video production bounce with Wedge-Tail Pictures in Sydney. It was a busy September for us as drone operators and live-streamers in particular.

Aerial photography requests have ranged from work for logistics experts XL Express to real estate drone work, documentary feature drone filming, and even church groups wanting a new angle on their properties.


Filming for XL Express tested our professional drone video skills with the limited space for manoeuvre that indoor drone filming requires.

A drone and video shoot for the National Portrait Gallery in the Snowy Mountains was a highlight as we documented a high-profile portrait in the making - the sub-zero temperatures, 3:30 call time and overnight snow dump making drone operation a fun challenge. Can’t wait to post that in the documentary section in the next month or two.


After that, it was off to the bushfire hit South Coast of NSW to work with an NGO on a mission to tell the stories of bushfire survivors - 4k video production and drone operation were in full swing as we worked on a TV commercial for the group.

US TV network CNN hired Wedge-Tail to produce video for their documentary short into the Qanon movement here in Sydney, while we helped a Sydney high school reach hundreds of parents and family members via a graduation live-stream; unable to host a large gathering due to Covid 19 measures, we used the latest Blackmagic technology and a simple YouTube stream to take the special moment into people’s homes (photo below). The feedback was pretty good too: ‘The finished product was outstanding!’ Thanks to Kingsgrove High for having us. 2020 has certainly been a year where live-streams have grown in prominence and Wedge-Tail is ready to help out for the live-streaming needs of organisations big and small – drop us a line.

October saw more of the same with plenty of legal, licensed drone work for clients big and small, video production across the board and more professional live-streaming - so there's plenty to update you on when there's a chance to catch the breath. Stay tuned to this new blog section.

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