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EOI - Looking for a water documentary host

Wedge-Tail Pictures has an environmental documentary in development on water - to that end we are searching just the right person to host it - there's a gig description below:

The team behind an environmental documentary in development are looking to meet someone passionate about preserving the natural world, interested in the hosting and shared scripting of a documentary project on water use. She or he may be someone with a scientific/academic, activist, or agricultural background or simply a strong interest in water, farming, energy, the environment, First Nations water rights or activism, from any background or corner of Australia.

Murrumbidgee: Big Water is an impact documentary in development which charts a path through one river system, the Murrumbidgee, to ask how we might better balance the competing demands on our water supplies across the world. It seeks to highlight the things Australia is getting right – and wrong – with regards to water and the natural world in a cinematic, informative, and nuanced way. Media/film experience is useful but not essential - the key is being informed and passionate on the topic, being able to present to camera, and being open to new ideas and perspectives.

If the project continues into production, then it is paid, creative work on a documentary with a professional and accredited team.

Please reach out at

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